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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Why I Do What I Do

In the past, I've had people ask me why I am so committed to eating healthy.  I even had one person (a patient) comment that I could get hit by a bus tomorrow and then I would be upset that I had wasted all that time eating "rabbit food" when I could be truly enjoying all the unhealthy stuff.

It's not easy to eat healthy, when there are Oreos and fried chicken calling your name!  So I thought I would share why I choose to eat healthy, whole foods instead of the processed junk that makes up the standard American diet.

youngest daughter

I want to see my youngest daughter grow up and get her fairy tale wedding that she is already talking about at the age of 6.

middle daughter

I want to see my middle daughter grow up to become a great teacher who inspires her students.


I want to see my son turn one of his sci-fi stories into a book and become a famous author.

oldest daughter

I want to see my oldest daughter play in the Philharmonic orchestra, or become a world-famous photographer.

I want to see my children become parents themselves and I want to spend my golden years spoiling  all my grandchildren.


But mostly, I want to spend my last years, sitting on the front porch swing with my wonderful husband, enjoying the sunset of our life, knowing my life wasn't crippled or cut short by a disease that could have been avoided by eating right.

So what are your reasons for choosing to eat a healthy diet?

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  1. Beautiful reasoning :) I like to eat healthy because I feel stronger when I do. I have more energy, and I feel strong because I chose the meal that took more effort.

  2. I think along the same lines you do!

  3. I think when you see what eating the way a typical North American does to your health (and I'm sure we all have older relatives who are dealing with issues that could be linked back to eating habits) you have to make a choice: follow the same path or take the one less traveled.

    Sad that healthy eating IS the road less traveled.

  4. I try to eat healthy because I have diabetes and eating well helps to control my sugars and will hopefully extend my life when I am already facing a shortened one.


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